Docker built-in Swarm Mode

Swarm is kind of clustering tool in Docker world. It is like Kubernetes. To see a bit of detail about docker, you should check I love Docker article. It is briefly on top of your docker engines that is clustering your services. As of docker version 1.12, swarm is

I love Docker

I have heard about Docker for long long time. It has seemed interesting and entertaining to me, but I couldn't give it a try. I was using Chef as a devOps tools. It is great, but it is also complex as well. You are not exactly independent from the machine

Hive - Unit-testing

Testing is really important for coding. It provide ensuring the code is working. It is really a way to gain rather it is thought as time lost. This is actually another topic sould be discussed in another article. Unit-testing is one of most tough thing among coding phases. If you

Hive - Sliding Last Not Null Value

Hive supports windowing features over columns according to current row. You can see the documantation about windowing functions in Hive at [LanguageManual WindowingAndAnalytics](" target="_blank). Those functions are not going be the topic in this article. Assume that, you

Git Akışı - Çoklu Versiyon Desteği

Projelerin ölçeği büyüdükçe ve içinde çalışan insan sayısı arttıkça, kod geliştirme sürecinde büyük değişiklikler meydana geliyor. Tecrübelendikçe kodu yazmanın, geliştirme süreci içerisinde çok küçük bir yer kapladığını her geçen gün daha bi fazla anlıyorum. Bu konu da tam olarak bunlardan bir tanesi. Yapılacak değişiklikler desteği devam edilen tüm versiyonları kullanan

Why do we need dev branch?

I was using master as a dev branch and I tought that dev branch is not necessary. I changed my mind. I did't need dev branch. Because, my projects didn't need urgent bugfix or hotfix releases. But not getting in any trouble without dev branch doesn't mean everything is always

Django Disable Queryset Cache

Django has a marvalous database access optimization for querysets. Whenever same queries are tried to be executed, django does not access the database repeadetly. It is using cache for same parts. This is an effective optimization for database queries. But when a query has frequent changes , this optimization might be